Возможность бесплатно сдать тест TestAS!

24 апреля 2010
10 сентября 2010

ВНИМАНИЕ! Хочешь учиться в Германии - проверь свои знания!

Всем желающим предоставляется уникальная возможность бесплатно сдать TestAS!

Даты проведения теста: 24.04.2010 и 10.09.2010.

Don’t miss your chance to take part in a recently developed test for international applicants for undergraduate studies at German universities! TestAS does not require any specialist knowledge, but measures intellectual abilities particularly important for successful studies in Germany. The test results will allow you to realistically assess how your abilities match relevant intellectual qualifications necessary for the field of studies you want to apply for. For German universities, TestAS provides an additional selection criterion and can boost your chances of gaining admission. The test can be taken in German or English and consists of a core and a subject-specific module (you can choose from Economics, Engineering, Humanities and Mathematics and Natural Sciences) and is designed for A-Level and STPM students in their final year, students in their first semesters and all applicants for undergraduate studies in Germany.

TestAS will take place on Saturday, 24 April 2010 (registration: Feb 1 to Mar 19) and on Saturday, 30 October 2010 (registration Aug 9 to Sep 24) at the German-Kazakh University Almaty and SLZ Karaganda. If you meet the target profile of applicants and wish to take part, please first visit the www.testas.de for information on registration procedures and then contact your test centre.

2010 TestAS will be offered free of charge for the last time!

How will you benefit from taking part?

  • You will become acquainted with typical requirements of the course you are applying for.
  • You will receive detailed online feedback about your scores. Your certificate will also contain information about your ranking as compared to other participants.
  • After the test you will be able to realistically assess your chances of successfully completing your studies.
  • You can include your TestAS certificate when applying to a German university. Some universities may even require the TestAS certificate!

As there is only a limited number of places available, rush to find out more at: www.testas.de

How to get in touch: Visit our Website www.daad.kz
Send us an email: daad@mailbox.kz
Call us: +7 727 2939035

Место проведения: Алматы (Казахстанско-Немецкий Университет), Караганда (Языковой Центр Гёте-Института)