Программа медицинских семинаров: Salzburg Medical Seminars International

Salzburg Medical Seminars.
Programme of Salzburg Medical Seminars invites medical professionals from Kazakhstan to take part in it. It is an open competition. 1-2 participants per country are selected for small seminars and 2-4 people per country and region can be invited for large courses.

The OMI - Salzburg Medical Seminars International (the Salzburg-Weill Cornell Seminars for Adult Medicine, the Salzburg-CHOP Seminars for Pediatrics, the Salzburg-Duke Seminars for Public Health and the Salzburg-Columbia Seminars for Neonatology) link physicians from leading American hospitals and their affiliated medical schools with physicians practicing in Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the former Soviet Union.

Selection criterias for participants:
English Skills are crucial:
All the lectures are in English and English is the language of Science and Internet.
• Age:30-45 years;
• mid career position;
• no discrimination by race, age, sex, religion;
• ability to distribute information and experience;
• publications in local language

Application process
Seminars dates are advertised by OSI/Educational Advising Centre during the last quarter of the year. Such information everybody can find in the central newspapers, at EAC website www.bilim.kz, regional health authorities websites as well.
EAC arranges English tests in a written form or interview.
EAC is responsible for preselection of candidates and sends forms to AAF in Zalzburg.

Invitation process
The offices of AAF(American Austrian Foundation) send out official letters of invitation for each participant to their local representative at Educational Advising Centre.
Additional letters of invitation are sent to the Embassies.
Visa and travel arrangements are paid and organized by the local representative of AAF.

Selection process
All applications are transferred into AAF database according to selection criteria including comments of preselecting organizations.

The seminars will be held in English. Application form should be fill in on-line http://platform.aaf-online.org/

NOTICE: you can find here http://www.bilim.kz/page.php?page_id=149&lang=2

  • the list of seminars 2010
  • demo version of the application form filling
  • some pamphlets we have gathered for you (Surgery pamphlet, Dermatology pamphlet, Neonatology pamphlet, Oncology pamphlet, Diagnostic Imaging pamphlet, Cardiac Imaging pamphlet, Pediatric Urology pamphlet)
  • example of doctors report

Австрийскую визу получают в Астане (Посольство Австрии) и в г. Алмате (Посольство Венгрии). Нет строгой географической разбивки по регионам, т.е. грантеры должны получать визу там, где им удобнее.
Адрес Посольства Австрии в г.Астане:
Österreichische Botschaft Astana
Kosmonavtov Strasse 62, 9. Stock, Mikrodistrikt Chubary
010000 Astana, Kasachstan
Telefon: (+7/7172) 97 78 69, 97 78 78, 97 78 79,
Telefax: (+7/7172) 97 78 50
E-Mail: dina.shachina@bmeia.gv.at

Адрес Генерального Консульства Венгрии в г.Алматы:
050043, г.Алматы, ул.Мусабаева,4
тел:(727) 220 09 72, 255 12 06, 255 13 08
консульский отдел принимает документы: понедельник, среда, четверг, пятница с 9-30 до 11-30

Для получения австрийской визы необходимо предоставить пакет документов:
1. 2 фотографии размера 3,5х4,5 на светлом фоне
2. оригинал и копию приглашения
3. медицинскую страховку на пребывание в Шенгенской зоне
4. справку с места работы и приказ о командировке с переводом на немецкий язык (нотариально заверить)
5. ксерокопию паспорта
6. справку с места жительства или копию домовой книги
7. бронь билета
8. 60 евро.