British Council English Placement Tests (BCEPT)

British Council English Placement Tests (BCEPT), тест

British Council English Language Placement Test is an assessment tool to test language proficiency for corporations, educational institutions and NGOs. The minimum number of candidates must be 100. The test is designated for organisations only; individual candidates cannot take BCEPT.

What are the uses of the BCEPT test?

  • Benchmarking purposes
  • Language audits to identify training needs
  • Filtering potential future employees for interview
  • Filtering students to identify those ready for IELTS
  • Filtering current employees for promotion
  • As a diagnostic tool to identify strengths and weaknesses of people in or seeking employment

What are the benefits of the BCEPT test?

  • Flexible/ customisable
  • Cost-effective
  • Quick results turnaround
  • Variety of delivery options to suit different contexts
  • Based on latest testing research
  • Self-administrable
  • Joint British Council / company branding

How are the BCEPT tests scored?

Candidates will be provided with scores from A1 to C on the Common European Framework (CEF). For the speaking test candidates can also be marked on a scale from 0 to 200 for those not familiar with the CEF.

Sample BCEPT tests 

You can take an online demo version of the test. To start the test you will be asked to enter the following username and password:
username: bcdemo
password: Bc1La_001

You can also download a pen and paper version. Please note that the number of questions in this version may be different from the real-life test.

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